Fitness Center Orientation

Recommended for all new members!

Come to one of our orientations and find out about all the programs that the y offers.  You may sign up the entire family for a single orientation.  We will try to answer any questions you may have about the Y and the programs we offer.  You will also be able to register for an equipment orientation after the presentation.

Fitness Center Facilities

The Prescott YMCA offers several fitness workout options for our Members and Guests.

Cardio Room: Stationary bikes, treadmills, stair climbers, cross trainers, rowing machines etc.

Fitness Room: Stretching area with mats and exercise balls.  Fitness machines for circuit training, Functional training, free weights, medicine balls, exercise balls, bands etc.  Floor Trainers are available to answer any questions you may have about the equipment or exercises.

Aerobics Room: Exercise balls, steps, bands, exercise mats, hand weights, bar bells
Group Cycling Room: Lemonds Rev master bikes

Wellness Center:  Separate fitness and cardio area for adults who like a quieter workout and smaller workout area.

Fitness Center Orientation
Meet with one of our health and fitness professionals in a small group where you will learn about the YMCA, the Fitness Center and our other group and specialty classes. We will review guidelines and offer information in the five components of health-related fitness. We will help you outline your fitness goals by matching your needs with the opportunities available at the YMCA. An equipment orientation is included. For your comfort, please dress in proper workout attire - athletic shoes, workout shorts, sweats, etc. An orientation is required for youth members 14-17 years of age, or for anyone who wants to review their fitness program. You may sign up the entire family for a single orientation.

NEW   Small Group Training
Members 16 & up
Groups of 3-6 people are formed with the trainer of your choice. The trainer customizes a workout program designed to fit the group’s needs. This is a great way to have affordable training, get results, and meet new people! The groups meet twice a week for three weeks. Registration allowed 1 week prior to start of each session.
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NEW   Movement Assessment
What is a movement assessment?  A movement assessment professional sees the whole body in motion; not bunches of parts. Sometimes, the site of a problem like sore shoulder, or tight hamstrings is not the source of a problem.  Other parts of the body may be causing the issues.  By moving through different patterns the assessor can find where the problems may lie and by certain stretches and movement design correct the problem.   So if you have a tweak or a perceived weakness in a limb or have hit a plateau, consider these signals  your bodies telling you that something may be out of balance and some simple movement corrections may be all you need to move free again.
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Youth Fitness Orientations
Youth members ages 12 – 14 must complete this course to use the Fitness Center.  Participants in this class will learn about safety, how exercise affects the body, how to set up their own personal fitness program and how to use the cardio & Cybex strength training equipment with proper technique.  Class consists of two Saturday sessions.
Saturdays, 1 – 2:30.  Check with the front desk for dates.

Clothing Guidelines
Proper workout attire is required: t-shirts or sweats, knit, nylon or cotton shorts or pants. Open-toed shoes and jeans, jean shorts or belts are prohibited. Proper and appropriate family friendly workout attire is necessary. If you have any questions, please consult with the floor trainer on duty.

Fitness Assessment & Body Composition
Please register at the Courtesy Counter                                                                           
Our evaluations assess your total fitness and give you a point to chart your progress.  It also lets you know where improvements need to be made.  We offer both group and individual assessments that cover all the components of health-related fitness.  A comprehensive screening consists of the following evaluation:

  • Skin caliper body composition testing
  • Heart rate and blood pressue
  • Cardiovascular endurance 3-minute step test
  • Upper body strength and endurance bench press
  • Abdominal strength and endurance one minute curl up
  • Body girth measurements
  • Fitness evaluations also include a one-on-one discussion of current activity levels, special circumstances, and wellness goals.  Please allow 1.5 hours per session.  Please set up an appointment that fits with your schedule.

Personal Program Design
A Personal Trainer will assist you in establishing goals, determining the most effective type of exercise and planning your personal exercise program.  Meet with one of the personal training staff for a 1 ˝ hour session that includes a comprehensive assessment of the components of health-related fitness followed by a personal training session appropriate to your needs and goals.  Please call the YMCA to schedule your appointment.